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Our core value reflect who truly we ore as an organization. These ore not values that change from time to time, situation or person to person; but rather, they ore underpinned in our company’s culture reflecting the following:

‘  Sustainable practice + Uncompromised safety performance

Transparency in business  Integrity & occountabilify in business ‘ Customer focus

+   Total Quality Management across our systems & processes u Prompt delivery & customer suppor

Within a short space of 10 years, we hove grown in technical capabilities and financial capaci ty  handle project up to the tune of over US $50 million. We hove also built on impressive performance driven by effective management with prime focus on the team work integrity

We aim at the forefront of the telecoms industry to deliver leading edge technologies to our clients, providing them with stable data stream, digital video, high speed internet, crisp-clear voice over IP,

Wireless Networking

Our trained and certified Engineers work with state- of-the-art testing equipment, remaining on the forefront of new techn oI° 9Y- We specialize in Point- to-Point and Point-to-MuItipoint radio link solutions required bY enterprise and private networks to boost network capacity and eliminate leased line charges.

Emergency Repairs

Our team con respond quickly and effectively *° anY type of mast/tower service emergency. We will make sure your sYstem is up and running with limited delays.

Meteorological Applications

Our innovative designs allow several options on raising and lowering meteorological instruments in a safe and easy manner


Priority Communication’s Disaster Recovery Solutions addresses both physical and virtual environments ensuring critical data applications, and complete systems are protected no matter what. Thi s reduces the complexity of managing heterogeneous server and storage platforms. Reduces the costs of building and managing the disaster recovery infrastructure and provides a single console to recover from in the event of a disaster.Disasters are inevitable but mostly unpredictable and they vary in *YPe and magnitude. The best strategy is to hove some kind of disaster  recovery  plan in  place, to return to normal ofier the disaster has struck. Every business  disaster  has one or more causes  and effects. The causes can be natural, human or mechanical in origin. Ranging from events such as; a tin Y hardware or software component’s malfunctioning to universally rreeccoognized  events  such  as  earthquakes,  fire,  and interruptions to total business shutdown for days or months, even fatal damage to the business with Priority Communications disaster recovery solutions, your business is brought back to normal in less than no time. Collocation &Hosting



Installation of mast / tower is one of the core services we render. We cover a broad range of services from site acquisition to mast / tower maintenance. The following is a quick overview of some of the installation services we provided:

Site Acquisition

Let Priority Communications Ltd assist you with Your raw land acquisition and site development needs. We promise to navigate Y° u through all stages of acquisition, zoning, and permitting.

Turn-Key Civil Site Development

Priority Communications, Ltd. has the capabilities of constructing a site, from site clearing to landscaping.


Our experienced team can handle on Y size of proiect: large or small

Most/Tower Installation

We hove installed thousands of Mast/towers. We hove the knowledge, equipment and manpower to construct any size or *ype of mast/tower.

Antenna and Line Installation

Priority Communications, Ltd. has the capabilities of constructing a site, from site clearing to landscaping.

General Tower Maintenance and Inspections

The Iongevtivy Of Your system depends  on routine and annuaI maintenance . Prior  Communications, Ltd. is  the  partner  that  can make recommendations and repairs required to keep your system fullY° perotiono Year round.

Other Services


Priority Communicatio ns Limited designs and installs world class data B centre cabling infrastructure systems both large and small. Priority’s proven past performance includes World Class Data Centre Projects exceeding hundreds of cabinets. We at Priority Communications Limited  understand  the  critical  nature of every data centre of every business and manages the design and the installation accordingly. Our environmental approach to data centre design con benefit your business by reducing overall electric consumption, in turn Greening your data centre. Please  call our Data Centre Team to setup  on initial call to discUSS Y UF data centre opportunities.

Mast &Towers Installation & Maintenance

We  offer   a  many   of  computers, peripherals and software sales to our  esteemed  customers around the globe. Our primary goal is to meet Your computing needs with the best possible price and products. We are constantly Working to bring you the products you need, at very competitive prices.  Each  product  comes  with  warranty and can stand the test of time. Maintenance services for your ready existing computer services.