To be  the  best  Networking  Communication service provider in African sub-region


Priority will always utilize the best available technologies, people and other resources to serve the customers every time and beyond heir expected benchmark and expectation.


Established  and incorporated in 2006 Began operations in2007 Total Manpower – Over 100 We have our footprints in almostall sectors of our economy

Installation of mast / tower is one of the core services we render. We cover a broad range of services from site acquisition to mast / tower maintenance. The following is a quick overview of some of the installation services we provided:


Priority Communications Limited is a leading player in telecommunications and data communications services to private, public and corporate organizations in Nigeria and sub Sahara African countries. Priority Communications Limited provide products and services geared towards the development and utilization of broadband computer technologies that offers fast, efficient, effective and easy access to business enterprises in the delivery of prompt services to their various customers anywhere and at any time.

Our standard policy ensures that we connect and deliver first-class, modern engineering equipments and support services that conform with best international standard practice to our numerous clients. We are the craving telecoms solutions needs of our clients and prospective clients in the business of integrated information and data services business; we are the best hand for the job.

Priority Communications Limited is a duly incorporated company that meets all the statutory requirements as stipulated in the industry operational legal act of the Federal Republic of Nigeria by the relevant governing regulatory body.

To be the best networking communications service provider in the African Sub-region.

“Priority will always utilize the best available technologies, people and other resources to serve the customers every time and beyond their expected benchmark and expectations.”

We aim at the forefront of the telecoms industry, to deliver leading-edge technologies to our clients, providing them with stable data stream, digital video, high speed Internet, crisp-clear voice over IP and a highly stable and reliable network.

We also affiliate with foreign partners in upgrading our technical know-how and expertise on modern technologies available. Priority communications limited is made up of some of the best hands with rich and varied experiences as a workforce. Both departments work in the most professional manner with clear cut job descriptions that ensures a well managed process and efficient service deliveries to all its clients.