Priority  communications Limited is made up of some of the best hands with rich and varied experience in core Engineering and Administration and Marketing implementation

Corporate Social Responsibility{CSR}

Communications  is  a socially responsible organization who has the environment, we also embarked on rood maintenance of some primary schools in P i’in”t’ei rest of others at heort mostLogos, renovation of some other school especi°! Y the less privileged in the society where we operate. We ore committed to our Corporate Social ResponsibiI’*Y (CSR), contributing to human development and giving back to the society. Our CSR is focused on meeting the immediate needs of others such as providing food items and toiletries. In order to drive the vision and poIi“^Y f the company in the area of CSR, Priority Communocotions Limited showed love to the children in SOSVilloge in Isolo, Logos amongst others and donated bogs of rice, kegs  of  vegetable  oil, cartons  of washing and bathing soaps, bundles of tissue papers and cartons of indomie noodles. To enable pupils learn in a conducive

environment, we also embarked on rood maintenance of some primary schools in Logos, renovation of some other school bui Idings, provided leorning aids a nd donated to library proiects.

As responsible corporate citizens, we ore passionate about this cause and we hope to do more in the future.

Interested candidates should forward their applications and detailed c.v to Please note that your Resume must be in Microsoft Word Format or Portable Document Format in order for it to get uploaded. Also Ensure that your resume is up to date before submitting.